Our Philosophy on Giving

One of the pillars of our community is the idea that because God has given us an unbelievable amount of stuff – time, money, connections, influence – that we should somehow use it to be a blessing to our community, nation, and world.  Giving is not only good for the church – it is good for you !

It’s not what we want FROM you.      It’s what we want FOR you.

Giving electronically is safe and secure.  You can sign up for a one-time gift, but more importantly; you can set it to give your offering on a regular basis, even when you are not at church.  Many of our folks now use this easy way to give – you basically set it, and forget it.  You never have to remember your offering, or find your offering envelopes – your gifts are automatically sent to the church account.   Pastor Bob and Cindy do it, you might consider it too.

Give Online

At Our Saviour, we use an online system called Vanco that allows you to donate via credit card, track your giving, and a whole lot more. Plus, it keeps all your information safe, secure, and private. We also accept gifts via PayPal.